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14-4. Two-facedness behind the consciousness - Why I had to choose this word - [Brain Mechanism & Health]

14-4. Two-facedness behind the consciousness - Why I had to choose this word -

1. Introduction - Who are two-faced at all? -

Two-facedness does not sound good. Who put a curse on it? Many Americans who experienced the World War II might be reminded the Pearl Harbor. I want to break a spell if I can. I dare say two-facedness is very common feature and originates in the every structure of the universe. Since the Big Bang, the universe has been expanding with many galaxies formed with billions of stars which consists of various matters. Matters consist of atoms and molecules. Human beings are by no means included in the universe. Now the secret of two-facedness is right here waiting for your visit to be solved out!

2. Why matters are formed? - Stability! This is the most crucial key! -

Energy transforms into various forms. Hydrogen consists of one proton and one electron which attract each other by the electro-magnetic force. High energy gamma rays have been creating various particle-antiparticle pairs. Nucleon like proton and neutron consists of three quarks. Why do they exist? Because they are stable.
You know the explosion of star called supernova. Whatever you name, as far as it has structure, there must at least one boundary that has two faces. Most cases are inside and outside of the baoundary that divides the space. Each neuron is working hard to make judgments by firing. Here is the first trap!

3. Neurons are judging?? - No kidding!? But, ...hmmm?? -

My simple finding is right here! Even when some neuron dosn't speak up, it is actively working and conveying its result that the input stimulation was not enough much to get excited. The semantic analysis tells that this neuron decided the total input was less than its threshold. Each neuron has its standard to make decision and the whole neural network can make logical complex decisions.
Once a decision is made, this system has set off the boundary in the information space. Therefore, it is essential to create the knowledge space by keeping the consistency. HOWEVER, who can evaluate that consistency?

4. Dual systems are necessary! - TWO is enough mathematically! -

We need to define "personality" at first. My definition is simple. Personality is defined as a value system that evaluates the conditions and makes decisions according to its standards. Cats, dogs, horses do have their own personalities. By learning, we can modify the standards. Again time is involved in the process of learning. And we must learn why the livings are still living.
The life is limited and the generation exchange is necessary. The nature succeeded to work out the DNA with dexterity so that it was possible for the livings to proliferate with slightly different DNA set. Both lucky and unlucky cases happened. Only lucky livings could survive and unlucky ones had to become extinction. Dual brain structure was the most elaborate inovation for the livings to evolve. Two is enough. Three or more is too much.

5. Robot arm control is same! - Semantics of control -
The significant difference between animals and plants is the property of muscles. Each individual is scattered to distribute in the space-time and must move for foods, drinks, sex-partners, etc. This is the destiny! The luckiest innovation of the nature was the success to create the neuronal cells to control the muscle cells.
To move the robot arm, it is quite essential to control it. To this purpose it is inevitably required to measure the position and correspondence between the magnitude of force and movement. Therefore, you need the judgments. The livings realized after trials and errors the body construction company that has the infrastructures with neurons and also the blood highways for delivery and supply of metabolism.
Then, shuffles and recombinations of DNA were accelerated and eventually the dual system structure of the brain was reached. They could study and learn, AND teach their young kidds by the instincts with the elaborate mechanisms of the dual brain system built up according to the DNA computer programs.

6. Conclusion - Do you like to understand them? -

I have learned that these explanations are NOT comprehensive and it is natural the majority of people are innocent and ignorant. Hope people learn how to build the effective memory to think and understand what I'm intending to convey.

(To be continued)
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